That Old Melody

Manila 70s (

I was in a mall a few days ago. Walking around, I heard this old song No Touch by the legendary Juan Dela Cruz band. It’s one of those songs that as a Filipino Millennial I usually hear my titosread more

The Cost of Winning

“Nothing is black-and-white, except for winning and losing, and maybe that’s why people gravitate to that so much.” – Steve Nash

As I grew up, I’ve learned a few things about winning and losing. Winning feels good. Losing feels bad. … read more

The 11,000

Photo by Eloisa Lopez, Reuters

I know this topic is about a month old already. I sure missed the opportunity to discuss this when it happened. But I think it’s still something that should be talked about.

The National Telecommunications Commission’s order to cease ABS-CBN’s … read more

The Truth Behind the Truth

Photo by Wendy van Zyl from Pexels

George Carlin lived most of his life as an atheist. He talked about that a lot when he’s on the stage. He said that religion is nothing but a piece of crap. He once said that it is kind of … read more

The Rational

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

I’m a rational person.

I was born a very curious child. I want to find the answers myself. I enjoyed picture books during my childhood. As I grow up, I learned how to read. I don’t trust what other people … read more

you have to…

Photo by Laura Garcia from Pexels

“Tears spill and fall because of what?
It’s because we’ve aged too much.”
— Komorebi, Clannad

When you’re hurt but still have to smile…
When you’re not allowed to cry anymore…
When you did something bad and no one can … read more