A Time Machine To 2022

Photo by Ezra Acayan for Getty Images

I’ve been so busy these past few weeks that I did not even notice that it’s the 30th of June already: the day Bongbong Marcos will officially take over the presidency after that brutal and miserable election season.

I did … read more

Hope, Joy, Love, Peace


This is an excerpt of my closing monologue script for SFC Angeles’ Acoustic Night 2016. It’s a different time but I believe this monologue still applies to the current state of our society. The theme of the night is “hope, read more

The 11,000

Photo by Eloisa Lopez, Reuters

I know this topic is about a month old already. I sure missed the opportunity to discuss this when it happened. But I think it’s still something that should be talked about.

The National Telecommunications Commission’s order to cease ABS-CBN’s … read more

Three Stars and ASAN?!

Photo by Krisia Vinzon from Pexels

Published in the Angelenean Pioneer’s Piola, 2009-2010 Literary Folio
Angeles University Foundation

Walong sinag ng araw na naglalagablab.
Napapaligiran ng tatlong bituing tanglaw.
Mga dayuhan ay dumating at nasilaw,
Mga dakila’y ‘di ka hayaang mabihag.

Perlas ng Silangan ika’y maituturing.… read more