The Rational

I’m a rational person.

I was born a very curious child. I want to find the answers myself. I enjoyed picture books during my childhood. As I grow up, I learned how to read. I don’t trust what other people say unless the book proves it correct. Why should I believe them that easy? Some of them are just guessing. Some are just guessing to cover their lack of knowledge. Usually, it’s the book that is accurate. They’re written by professionals and scholars. They should be correct.

I can learn by myself. That’s because I’m rational.

No one taught me that I have to eat all the food on my plate. I always do. No one told me that I have to because there are people who don’t eat. I eat all of it because it would be such a waste if it would just be thrown away. I thought instead of wasting food, I might as well get small amounts until I get full then save the excess for later. That would be economical. I’m not too choosy when it comes to food. If it would be good for me, I can just eat rice. I don’t want to douse myself with expensive food. Satisfying my pallet is not my objective. I only need food to survive. Nothing else.

I don’t waste resources. That’s because I’m rational.

I love to do a lot of things. Actually, I can do virtually anything. I can be the best in anything I do. All I need is motivation. There’s no limit to my skills. As long as I want to do it, I can. No one can protest. I’m better than anyone.

I can do everything. I can do anything. That’s because I’m rational.

Inaccuracy is a sin. You don’t know what misinformation might bring. Information can be a one-miss-you-die situation. Truth is important above all else. That’s why I’m doing my own research. I don’t trust other people to do it for me. I won’t trust even the smartest person I know to unless I know that he’s truly capable.

I search for truth. That’s because I’m rational.

Tight situations are nothing to me. I know when I should do this and when I should do that. Call that survival tactics. First, I analyze the situation. Then I apply what I know to solve the problem.

I know how to adjust. That’s because I’m rational.

I can easily predict what would happen next. I’m a person with experience. Increase my skill a notch higher and I can already read minds. I can tell whether a person is lying to me or not. The eye and body movements, the way he or she speaks, everything. I’m not too weak to fall to other people’s agenda. I can crack it before it even starts. Or at times I want to play, I get along. I destroy them afterward.

No one can fool me. That’s because I’m rational.

I want to be in control. I always give commands. What can I say? I know what is best. I hate it when someone doesn’t help my cause. I only want what’s best for everyone. If someone would hinder that cause, I would throw them away. I don’t need them.

I manipulate. That’s because I’m rational.

I don’t trust anyone. They might betray me if I do. I can trust no one but myself. It’s survival of the fittest—the strong shall live and the weak shall die. Some of them might use me then throw me away. They can’t do that to me. I’m better than them! I should be the predator, not the prey!

I can’t trust anyone. That’s because I’m rational.

Love is but a word for me. I can’t do it even if I try. I see everything as a tool. Tools are utilities, not some stuff that you have to love. They exist to aid you for survival, not make you happy or something.

I’m not capable of loving. That’s because I’m rational.

No one loves me. Who can love someone that considers every living being a tool? Who can love someone that only thinks of himself? Who throws away anyone that doesn’t want to follow him? Who doesn’t want to trust anyone?

No one can love me. That’s because I’m rational.

I have no friends. I can’t talk to someone whenever I experience problems. I am perceived as strong. I can’t do that. If I screw up, I screw up alone. It is a sign of strength. I am considered someone that has no life. I’m no different from a chunk of wood. I don’t feel anything… or so it seems.

I’m not happy. I’m not sad. But I’m not angry. That’s because I’m rational.

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