A Time Machine To 2022

Photo by Ezra Acayan for Getty Images

I’ve been so busy these past few weeks that I did not even notice that it’s the 30th of June already: the day Bongbong Marcos will officially take over the presidency after that brutal and miserable election season.

I did … read more

Hope, Joy, Love, Peace


This is an excerpt of my closing monologue script for SFC Angeles’ Acoustic Night 2016. It’s a different time but I believe this monologue still applies to the current state of our society. The theme of the night is “hope, read more

My Bullying Story

Trigger Warning: This article may contain elements that might trigger certain people’s traumas (physical, verbal, and emotional abuse). You have been warned.

I’m a professional software engineer in a reputable company, earning enough money to raise a family of … read more