How to Update Your AFP PGMC Information to Resume Pension Benefits

Disclaimer: I’m not in any way associated with AFP PGMC nor am I authorized to handle pension-related concerns. I’m just a son of a pensioner who wants to help others with the same problem.

Since my mother’s birthday is right around the corner, she asked me to help her in updating her information in the AFP Pension and Gratuity Management Center (AFP PGMC).

As far as I know, they handle everything related to pension benefits for retirees and the dependents of fallen military personnel. Every year before the retiree’s or the dependent’s birthday, the person must go to any of the PGMC offices to prove that they’re still alive and should still receive benefits for another year. Their information must also be updated in the PGMC’s systems in case something changed.

The process works perfectly until the pandemic happened. Since everyone is expected to stay indoors as much as possible and physical contact is discouraged, this process became a lot more complicated for the pensioners who want to go through their annual routine. Good thing they got a solution for this: the PGMC’s online appointment system.

Unfortunately, there’s not much information online about how to do this properly. I know that is the case since I’ve seen a lot of retirees on the AFP PGMC Facebook page who post their personal information in the comments, with the hopes of getting their information updated.

Not only this is the wrong way to do it. It’s also dangerous because other people might steal your identity. So I thought I should use my platform to inform people how to do this right.

First, go to the AFP PGMC Website.

Next, look for the link to the Online Pensioners Appointment System (O/PAS) to set an appointment. By clicking this, you will be forwarded to the O/PAS Login Form.


In the O/PAS Login Form, select AFP Pensioners Online Updating. Click next.


Select the date and time that you prefer.


Provide the following information to the form:

  • Type of transaction (select Resumption of Pension)
  • Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, and Suffix (NA if your name does not have a suffix)
  • VALID Contact Number
  • VALID Skype Account
  • VALID Email Address
  • The last 5 digits of the bank account number where you receive your pension.


Once everything has been provided, click on Verify. A confirmation message will show up indicating that your appointment has been recorded. For good measure, the PGMC system will then send you a confirmation to the email address you provided.

On the date and time of the appointment, make sure you got everything you need. The PGMC representative will ask for personal information, the military personnel’s serial number, and an AFP ID. If you’re a dependent, say a widow/widower, you need to provide your personal information, your spouse’s serial number, and your AFP ID.

Take note of the date and time that you provided because they will call you through Skype around that time. Due to the pandemic, the PGMC has limited manpower so in case they didn’t call you in the hour that you stated, give them another hour to call you. In our experience, they called us 15 minutes before the appointment has ended.

So there you have it. This is how to properly update your information to the AFP PGMC. If you have any other questions, feel free to post a comment and I’ll do my best to provide an answer. Please don’t post any of your personal information here because, as stated above, I’m in no way associated with AFP PGMC. I just want to help, and hopefully, I did.

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