The Lowdown

Hope, Joy, Love, Peace

This is an excerpt of my closing monologue script for SFC Angeles’ Acoustic Night 2016. It’s a different time but I believe this monologue still applies to the current state of our society. The theme of the night is “hope, read more

Hi! I'm Beet

My Bullying Story

Trigger Warning: This article may contain elements that might trigger certain people’s traumas (physical, verbal, and emotional abuse). You have been warned.

I’m a professional software engineer in a reputable company, earning enough money to raise a family of … read more

The Lowdown

Common Decency is Dead

That’s it. We’re screwed as a nation. Common decency is dead, and I don’t expect Filipinos to have a proper dialogue and an initiative to unite and fix our issues, at least in my lifetime.

I get it. The former … read more

The Lowdown

That Old Melody

I was in a mall a few days ago. Walking around, I heard this old song No Touch by the legendary Juan Dela Cruz band. It’s one of those songs that as a Filipino Millennial I usually hear my titosread more